Market Research and Data Analytics by Johannes Winterhalter

selection of projects I realized since 2019

Industry Researched Question Research Project Year
Technology Expert automotiveGoogle Adwords does not deliver expected results. The client base has to be extendedI looked who his customers are, asked some how they had found to the enterprise, asked some others. The result was that it is necessary to change the website away from over-optimization to get more organic traffic2023
TeachingMarket for a new schoolI did a Total Accessible Market /Servicable Accessible Market Analysis and a price analysis with recommendations for an assistand teaching service in an metropolitan area2023
RetailWants to know if it is possible to establish a new gourmet store in a German cityI did an analysis of the market in the metropolitan area with total accessible market / servicable accessible market and calculated the risks and chances of the new store. 2023
LeisureBusiness plan for new enterpriseDid an estimation with case scenarios for creating a business plan2023
Software developmentEnterprise too small to make a comfortable livingI did a total Servicable Market Analysis, did 10 interviews to get more information about potential clients and how they want to get approached. 2022
Software developmentInvestment in development should fit to a real needThis kind of questions are hard to answer with standard questionaires. Most dealers think that their software basically meets their needs. So I took a combined approach: Talking to developers of existing software, talking to automotive dealership and evaluation all comments to existing software. The study took three months for real good results2022
Back therapy trainingClient wants to launch a new series of training videos on youtube and is looking for information about customers. Did 50 interviews, partly online, with a survey containing open and closed questions. The results contained descriptive statistics. 2022
EducationalClient needs information about the target group - their willingness to discuss online and to take online courses and the size of the market. The necessary data could be obtained by evaluationg data from internet sites and market calculations. An additional survey with 40 respondents verified the results. 2022
Software developer for financial softwareopening new Market establishing product business plancreating a business plan with competition analysis, calculating serviceable obtainable market and doing financial plan2022
Household utility manufacturerClient had not sufficient information how the users in the targeted market apply the product. The Chinese client wants to open the German market. I did 50 interviews to find out about the usage habits of German sodastream users.2022
HotelsClient wants to reopen a hotel and needed additional information and a site survey for going into negotiations with his future landlord.The customer looked for a research-based business plan for reopening a hotel. After visiting the location I did an overview of the local hotel market and found the serviceable obtainable market, means the chance to fill the hotel over the next five years. Predictions are never for sure, so I added scenarios for different market trends and volumes.2022
Social Media AgencyClient needs information how clients see the pricing for a social media services package. The agency wanted to offer a country market. I did a conjoint analysis, comparing the three packages they had to offer to find out what was really important for the clients they wanted. The number of participiants was 30. 2022
Software developer for financial softwareThe client knew the importance of the assimilation-contrast-theory in pricing and wanted to optimize their pricing regarding this theory. Doing a survey about price reception in services around cryptocurrencies. The survey was short and had 100 respondents.2022
Software as a ServiceClient wants to build a software tool usable as service. They were looking for information about the workflow in competing talent management agencies.Discovering the processes, workflows and customer journey between influencers, talent management agencies and brands with focus on software. This was done via interviews.2021
ServicesClient wants to fit the product program to the needs of the potential clients. The client wanted to open a service facility for room- and cleaning services in an apartment. I did 20 Interviews in the designated area to find a trend and compared it to the results of similar studies. 2021
Martial Arts StudioThe client was looking for the customer journey of people wishing more body flexibiltiy and suffering back pain. The studio owner was looking for biggest pain points of customers with back pain and flexibility problems, which they want to cure with training. The study was based on desk research and interpreting figures from population statistics. 20 Interviews were added.2021
Software as a ServiceCkient knows that they need more Information about potential customers to make their service competitiveCreating of a business plan for a developer of digital menus for restaurants. The business plan included conducting interviews with restaurant directors and owners. 2021
CosmeticsClient was not sure about their brand image and customer satisfaction and wanted more data. Analyzing brand awareness and customer satisfaction via quantitative online interviews and 10 phone interviews. For the opening of the new market I analysed competition, the total servicable market and compared preferences between the home market and the new market. This was done with qualitative interviews. 2021
Consumer ProductsBusiness PlanI did a complete marketing analysis for the market of the intended product, including supplier analysis, competition analysis, and some qualitative survey among potential buyers of the product. 2021
Internet retailerClient fears that they are loosing money because of prices not suitable to payment willingness of customersI analyzed the pricing structure and helped the client to get a better understanding of the parameters which influenced the buying decision of prospective clients. This helped the client to find efficient prices. 2020
WholesalerClient does not have enough information about German customers in the targeted groupThe client wants to develop the German market for pottery. I created a survey with 20 participants and interpreted existing data to get a picture of the clients, their wishes and the customer journey they take.2020
Construction Machine RentalsClient was not sure how to make potential clients use his service. So he needed data for optimising the planned entry Market analysis with preferred customer journey from customer side and an overview of the needs and wishes of customers. The project included 20 interviews, research about competitors offline and online and analyisis of the serviceable available market. 2020
Real Estate AgencyClient needs informaton about how to brand a real estate business with additional services and how the customers will receive that. I did an evaluation of branding in the real estate business and the resulting customer journey. This was done by analyzing search queries, search results and competition analysis. 2020
Seller of health improving equipmentSEOWebsite was nearly not detectable with search engines. The task was a mixture of search engine optimization and customer journey. The original site had long texts, which were intended to attract customers but did not work with crowded search terms. Also I added outbound links for better visibility and looked for reviews from other sites.2019
Fashion developer and retailerProduct developmentThis was about finding the opinions and measures of a representative number of clients and doing personal interviews. We did 100 interviews in different parts of the country. 2019
Food Retailerbrand evolutionThe Food Retailer with about 30 shops changed his brand and was looking for additional information. This were advertisement reception, brand reception and preferred ways to stay in contact with the brand. Together with a partner I did a personal and online survey with 3000 participiants. 2019
Funerary Urnsopening new marketsAnalyzing the market potenial and competition with population and market data and a survey containing 20 crematoriums and funeral undertakers. 2019
Servicesopening new marketsMarket analysis for an agency for translation and language services. I identified potential customers, the customer journey of these customers and created models for a cost-saving customer approach. 2019
ServicesClient wanted to advertise his services to a new target group and was looking for numbersMarket evaluation of tax consultants in Germany and Switzerland. The client wanted an overview of the marketing habits of German and Swiss tax consultants with adresses and market volume. I delivered2019

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